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sunny 14 °C

Off to halkidiki tommorow evening..havent packed..have about 2 euros to my name at the moment, and no sunscreen - bring on gatwick drinking..oh and 24 hour marks and spencers

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'do you want some ectasy..no?? okay do you want me?'

overcast 0 °C

what did he say??

red light district badness had blokes follow us asking us to do things i cant even say..disgusting..so we ran away from that thank goodness..

got stoned..and that was amsterdam

amazing hostel with jems and i's loveshack

get in there

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Pears and Tomos

sunny 3 °C

Prague is a little hazy..two litres of vodka in two days..

First things first on arrival..'wheres the tescos'..says jemma..

So were there..astonished by the selection of advocado i decide to create a nice hot thai green curry..twas nice to eat decent..went out..got completely drunk..

talked to a billboard for about half an hour..2 pubs in four hours..so many bi polars in prague..jemma was so drunk she started taking pictures of them..went to a sports bar and got stared at for an hour by some dude so we left

walked an hour out of prague in a drunk daze..then back again..damn it was cold

giant oversized metrenomes..bridges, clocks of doom..everything was beautiful..

definetly the best place

off to amsterdam at 7.50 pm

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blue moon

'there'll be strikes in england too'..'haha'


drinking here is very cheap..noodles for lunch and dinner topped off with some cheap cocktails, jagermeister, beer and vodka tonic..

went to an irish bar and it's true english men make fools of themselves wherever they are..apparently they come over here for the beautiful slovakian women..well i dont see them anywhere!!

casinos, chippendales..cheap alcohol sums up a night in slovakia..oh and a little doner kebab for home comfort

got up at 12..left the hotel room, unlike chinese women..shes been in the room for days!! how does she survive??

went to bratislava castle then tea and hot chocolates..

tesco's again..no advocados..but were in the pub drinking the rest of this silly currency away

prague tommorow morning..bring on the english drunks

yes they have a tescos in slovakia

they have a cute bulldog..tyson

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sorry lady

'theres a pube on the sink..should i try and talk to it?'

sunny 9 °C

Bad day..hungarian men suck..they stole money off us after holding us ransom..me running around the dodgy backstreets of budapest trying to find an atm..whilst jemma wasnt allowed to move..'control..control'

one train ride..alot of lost money..one caffeine spillage..and a 'it's whats eating it that is putting me off'

and were in bratislava..walked round in circles..saw an overly excited bride with a super imposed smile and were drinking tea like ladies at our hostel

off out tonight..

slovakian chippendales..maybe not

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'Do you do beer?' Burger King butch lesbian

'Its alright im english..you mean a shit yield best mate'....

sunny 0 °C

One tacky plastic blue and yellow 'plane' ride later..a scary metro and were in the heart of Budapest.. Booked into our hostel..Very nice..
Our room is a good bunch of people.. A 'i have a gameshow theme toon in my head' girl, Omid, Omid's brother, Rob, Jems and I

Australians, Kiwis, Americans and Guerns all under one roof

Were pretty knackered but we went out and about to the buda palace and a really really scary labrynth.. Bay was scared.. and you could only see some parts of it with the flash of your camera..it had an end finale in the dark but we were a bit too scared to do it..plus there were chinese men in it..doing..strange things

So then we walked all the way back through the labrynth and exited through the entrance..

Strolled across Chain Bridge and we were back in Pest..Pest is much nicer than buda..and much larger..

We were tired but we started drinking.. 4 hours later Jemma went to bed.. Bay went to a student club..had a peanut eating competition with a kiwi..

I lost..of course..

Singing along to dire straights 'so the club's not banging'..but some sick freshers later and we were enjoying the delights of pre adult types singing english karoake in hungarian accents..

Dancing to Dr Dre 2000 and we were on our way back from the club for about 3.30

Next day

Got up..Hungover..2 ham and eggs and cwaffees please..

We climbed a mountain..it got dirty..and we found ourselves at the top of the citadel..liberation monument after a bit of 'come and see my sexy box' and some hot wine

Hungarian men are scary folk..they look at you like your actually a kebab..

Went to the Jewish community and synagogue..

Went to burger king for dinner..apparently they don't serve beer as previously believed.

Back to the hostel..a feww beers later and we were off out to meet our ukranian counterpart Daniel, Rob and Minneapolis Michel Moore..and annoying women..

we also met some israeli girl..she was nice..

A few hours after the peanut bar we were at the 24 hour store loading ourselves up with heinekins, raspberry beer types and 'like seafoodishy crisps? no way'

We had to be quiet for pokemon women so we drank in the luonge..watched a fight..then went to bed..'horizontal time'

Final day

Woke up late around 12..went and ate a colossal amount of food for $3 then crossed the bridge to Buda.. Up to the rock church..'that's pathetic'.. 'thank god it's free'..

Walked ambitiously towards Margaret Island but it started to rain so we headed back to Pest and got lost..dammit we went round in circles for ages..Budapest network of roads is crazy..and the traffic is terrible and the road works are neverending..but on the plus it is a beautiful city..and as for now..were on our way to a jazz bar..after some beer..obviously

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jagermeister, locals and some belgians..

'is that it? let's go to the pub.'

sunny 6 °C

First things first Bay got lost. After 5 hours back and forth we finally met at 4 pm.. Bohr hahn hahnbanof

Frankfurt is okay..Very Big Euro signs everywhere..and expensive..

Pretty lucky we were staying in the red light district then

Sex shops galore.. Clenched fists

Our fist night was extremely drunken.. A meal in a dark place up a very tall building, floated around their amazing christmas market then found ourselves in a gentlemens pub for a few with the locals topped off with some free jagermeister..sween

On to the Irish bar.. Heading home met threee Belgians..Weird creatures that they are..Nick, Nills and Omschtonom..ie Dolce and Gabbana boy..

Lucky Nicks mom is mayor of Antwarp we got free drinks all night..a sad story from a fort lauderdailian ex convict, 4 beers and some random cocktails from the 'man is so retardurd' and we found ourselves back at our hotel room after a scary experiance..and woke up mr woo

2nd day we cruised around the streets of frankfurt..watched a prostitute trying to get picked up.. Hungover we ate chocolate covered fruit and frankfurters

3.30am..on our way to Budapest

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Bye Bye Guernsey..

Bye bye Guernsey.. Hehe

all seasons in one day 4 °C

Okay so Im off am 8 am tommorow..

I'm alittle tipsy..

I'm leaving on a jet plane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tut tut Mr. Paul!!


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Night before..


8 °C

Starting to get nervous as I can't fit everything in my bag..

Very excited though

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